compiled by Jarrold Simpson

"The Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society was organized on Feb. 17, 1953 by Mr. A. L. Mooney for the purpose of exchanging ideas and information about gems, minerals and the lapidary arts. Eleven people attended the first meeting. Temporary officers elected were: Mr. Rex Hardaway, President; Mr. A.L. Mooney, Vice-President; Mrs. H.R. Gingrich, Secetary; Mr. G.T. Malherbe and Mr. C.C. Miller, Program Committee. This meeting was also attended by the following: Mrs. C.B. Weil, Mr. Joe M. Gier, Mrs. A.L. Mooney, 
Mr. M.H. Ivey, Mr. B.S. Brown, jr., Mrs. Rex Hardaway and Mr. Richard Cline.

The first formal meeting was held March 1953. The temporary officers were made permanent. The Board of Directors were elected. They were Mr. M.H. Ivey, R.E. Gault, Joe Gier, and C.C. Miller. 27 people paid their membership dues and were accepted at this meeting.

Charter members of the Society are as follows:   

Mr & Mrs. C. J. Malherbe
Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Gingrich
Mr. J. D. Haffner
Mr. Joe Gier
Frisco Roberts
Blanche Roberts
E. J. Jones
R. E. Gault
Mr. & Mrs. A. I. Mooney
Mary Simon
Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Ivey
H. E. Maskey
Mr. & Mrs R. W. (Dick) Cline
John Maskey
John Groom
Joe Maskey
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Hardaway
Harry Maskey
Mrs. Nellie Heebner
C. C. Miller"

An article taken from the Slabs & Cabs, August, 1985: "How to tell a geologist from a mineralogist: A geologist picks up a specimen by it"s crystals and raves over the matrix; a mineralogist picks up a specimen by the matrix and wishes there were more crystals."

In 1972 the Society won the All American Federation trophy and award for service to our community. The Society won the award again in 1992.

A poem from the April 1992 Slabs & Cabs: 

"If my head were made of agate
and my feet were made of jade.
If my teeth were made of onyx
and they were gold inlaid.
If my neck were made of ivory
and my eyes were made of pearls.
I'll bet I would be the idol of
all you rockhound girls: J.G. "  

The Society's first barbeque was held May 1969 at the residence of Mr. & Mrs Harry Maskeye.

The GCGMS was incoporated as a non-profit origanization in September 13, 1978.  

Taken from a 1972 Slabs & Cabs: "A tumbling trick from Pick & Shovel - As a thickening agent in each step of tumbling, try adding 2 packs of Knox Gelatin. It keeps grits in suspension and working. In the final polish it acts as a cushion and prevents scratching."

Written by editer of Slabs & Cabs Emelie Masske. She put it at the end of the news letter: "This poem is a disgrace - It's only here to fillup space, it's short and rather solemn, but it does fill this column."