Bill and Lois Patttillo retired in 2014 and sold the Rock Table.  It is unclear at this time when or if the table will reappear with new ownership.  The table has been a regular exhibit at the GCGMS show and many others for many years.When Lois Pattillo found a rock that looked like food, she began looking for more of them–that is where her bright idea for a “Rock Food Table” originated. She suggested this idea to other members of the Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Society and contributions began to come in. Now the ROCK FOOD TABLE is a main attraction at our annual gem & mineral show and it also travels to many other shows. The Pattillo’s traveled many miles each year with their motor home and a Jeep full of rocks that look like food, plus all the linens, silver and dishes that it takes to set a beautiful table.



Rock Food Table Pictures