Gem & Mineral Federations and Societies

American Federation of Mineal Societies Houston Gem Mineral Society
South Central Federation of Mineral Societies Fredricksburg Rockhounds
Southeast Federation of Mineral Societies Central Texas GM Society
CC Geological Society


University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of California Museum of Paleantology

 Rocks and Minerals

Pat McMahan Agates With Inclusions Ask a Geologist
Bobs Rock Shop Agates, Crystals, Desert Plants
Mineral Collectors Page Moonlight Gemstones
Mindat Fluorescents
Agatenodule an Skinner Agates
Minerals of Scottland G R Ward Scottish Agate
Agatenodule Weather
Agates From Argentina Visit Montrose

Kids Links

Fossils and Dinosaurs Geology, Rocks and Minerals
Fossils BBC Rocks for Kids
Dinosaur Fossil Datings Kids Geo
Fossils Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s Rocks
Idaho Public TV, Fossils Page Earthquakes for Kids
Prehistoric Life Games and Puzzles
Walking with Beasts
Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s Fossils¬†
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