1. The lapidary shop equipment may not be used by anyone who has not signed a liability waiver.

2. Shop equipment use flat fee is $2.00 per hour. Sign-in on arrival. Pay Supervisor and sign out before leaving the shop.

3. “Open shop” hours are to be used only by those who have taken the cabochon class or have shown proficiency on the equipment.

4. All children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult trained on the use of the equipment.

5. Supervisor must inspect rock “set-up” prior to anyone starting slab saw.

6. Long hair should be tied back, loose sleeve should be secured, and safety procedures followed.

7. Safety glasses are recommended and are the responsibility of the individual. Some are furnished by the GCGMS, or you may bring your own.

8. The last person to use a piece of equipment before the shop closes is responsible for cleaning that piece of equipment and the work area. This may include tabletop, sponges, aprons, catch trays, etc.

9. Shop Supervisor is the final authority on shop rules and usage.

Revised May 2009