Owen Hopkins

June 23, 1947   –   March 29, 2011


Owen was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and, as part of a heroic U.S. Air Force family, lived in 18 different places before he was 22 years of age.  After earning his BS degree in Geology at the University of Oklahoma in 1969, Owen worked with Chevron Oil Company in New Orleans.  While there, he earned a Masters Degree in Geology from Tulane University.  After moving to Corpus Christi in 1977, he worked for Holly Energy, Sexton Oil and Harkins & Company.  In 1990, he helped form Suemaur Exploration and Production, LLC, working as partner, Chief Geologist, and VP of Exploration.  He remained a partner with Suemaur, but he retired from active management in 2005 in order to pursue his passion for volunteering to teach everyone that “Science is Fun!”  As President of the CC Geological Society, Owen spearheaded a three-part initiative called “Maps in Schools, Bones in Schools, and Boulders in Schools.”  (www.ccgeo.org/owensvision)  This project has placed 1,657 geologic maps in elementary schools nation wide, along with educating teachers to use the maps in their classes.  The second phase of his project involved commissioning a mural of the Ice Age animals that lived in South Texas 13,230 years ago and then donating framed posters, activity books, and a bone sample to schools. The original mural is on display in the Northwest Library.  The final phase will install boulders in schools to be incorporated into the landscapes where students gather.  All of these projects are designed to plant the seeds of geologic curiosity in students.  Owen’s vision and energy are also responsible for numerous educational and community projects. He and his wife Susan were the force behind the Solar System model that is permanently installed along the seawall in Corpus Christi.  His enthusiasm for astronomy, including his mantra to “Look up,” was shared with curious minds during innumerable nights with his telescope.  As a remembrance of his passion for educating others, the paleo-dig, which will be opened as part of the new Texas State Aquarium children’s play park, will be named in his honor this May.


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Library named for Owen



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