Seven brave souls made the trip to McFadden Beach on the weekend of September 26-28. 2014.  Jerrold and Linda Simpson, Saul and Iva Sanchez, Norma and Gilbert Trejo and Melanie Hollenshead met in High Island at the beach.  We chose the weekend based on predicted low tides.  Mother Nature proved that the tides follow her rules, not tide tables.  So we had a very narrow strip of sandy beach to search for fossil teeth, bone and artifacts.  We walked and drove as far up the beach as possible.  Along the way, we found some pieces of bone, including a partial rib bone and pieces of turtle shell.  Iva Sanchez proved once again to be our Fantastic Fossil Finder!  Iva found a bison tooth and a horse tooth!  Saul and Iva Sanchez tried to sifting the sand in the shallow water for sharks teeth.  They didn’t find any this trip.  But seemed to have a great time.  Other things we found were sea shells, sea glass, unidentified tubular rocks that may have been fossilized worm burrows and sand concretions in very interesting shapes.  Everyone brought home something.  We will try this site again next year.  Hopefully more members will be able to join us!


McFadden Beach Background Information